The story so far

We’re four months into the project now, and all is going great. Well, mostly going great. As someone once said, ‘There’d be something wrong if everything was going great!’

We’ve submitted all deliverables on time, including our online presence, a data management plan, and our communication and dissemination strategy (these will be uploaded on this website and made public soon – watch this space…)

After the kick-off meeting in Dublin in July, the consortium came together again in San Sebastian on 13-15 October. Here, we reviewed the first three months of the project. Each Work Package Leader also presented an updated plan of attack for their respective Work Packages. Naturally, we concluded this face-to-face with some action points and other homework for everyone to take away.


At the moment, we’re finishing our initial scenarios, use cases and requirements (D2.1). These will subsequently be used to trial various approaches and machine learning algorithms, before final requirements, scenarios, and architecture is arrived at. We’ll publish this updated deliverable in M22, or May 2017 in calendar time.

What’s next

After D2.1, the next item on the agenda is a preliminary report on our proposed standardisation activities. This is due at M6 (January 2016) and will be lead by Telefonica.

Much work will take place in parallel to this formal deliverable. There’s a discussion to be had on spec-ing out a testbed; dissemination targets to be formalized for our first year; and an analysis to be done on the self-assessment carried out among all partners for our first three months in existence. Plus the essential everyday bits and pieces that are needed to keep a H2020 project like CogNet on the road. And then of course, there’s the next face-to-face that’s planned for January. Current venues being considered include Rome, Tel Aviv, and Berlin.

Stay tuned…


From the Inside Out is a regular blog that tracks the progress of the CogNet project.