CogNet: From the Inside Out

Latest news

May started with Coordinator Robert Mullins (TSSG) attending a 5G Architecture Working Group meeting in London. The Group’s white paper is progressing and they have recently received some additional input on the SDN / NFV side of things.

The week after we were all off to Berlin for our quarterly face-to-face meeting. Significant time was spent describing and discussing the project’s use cases and demos at the Fokus offices, and progress was made on several fronts. Since then, we have engaged in a process to ensure similar use cases are combined and others are expanded on to show their diversified contribution.

Our M12 review is getting closer, so we had a quick Q&A session on this before leaving the beautiful sunshine of Berlin. Thanks again to Fokus for hosting the project and ensuring no one was short of schnitzels at any stage!


For the rest of May, we worked on a number of deliverables that are due at the end of June. These include initial designs for network resource management and network security and resilience, as well as a report on our communication/dissemination in year one, and our preliminary business exploitation plan.

What’s next

Works continues on the above deliverables. These will be throughly checked internally by a specified team of reviewers before formal submission at the end of June. Our next face-to-face meeting takes place in July, so prep for that will also begin.

And there’s obviously the EuCNC event in Athens – full report on that in June’s ‘Inside Out’ column.

Stay tuned…


From the Inside Out is a regular blog that tracks the progress of the CogNet project.