The CogNet project had a very strong showing at the recent EuCNC event with no less than six partners presenting and showcasing various aspects of our work.

A number of partners had slots at the Network Management workshop, which took place on Monday morning, with Danny Raz from Technion University (and Nokia) delivering a keynote entitled ‘Network and cloud optimization: it’s all about the model‘.

Michael Barros (WIT) presented a paper on ‘An Energy Efficient Architecture for 5G Network Management‘ which he co-wrote with Kieran Sullivan (WIT) and Angel Martin (Vicomtech).

Next Marius Corici (Fokus) spoke about ‘NFV Reliability with Machine Learning‘ before Bruno Ordozgoiti (UPM) discussed ‘Using Machine Learning to Detect Noisy Neighbours in 5G Networks

Finally, Benat Azpiazu (Vicomtech) presented his paper on ‘Cooperative Caching in C-RAN using Bayesian Classification and Greedy Placement

The IBM team of Haytham Assem, Sandra Buda, and Lei Xu had a paper accepted on ‘Network Management Architecture Featuring Cognitive Capabilities‘ which they presented during the session on “Management architectures and frameworks”

You can try to spot various attendees at the official picture gallery here: click here