CogNet: From the Inside Out

Latest news

The only issue on the Agenda for September was our M12 review at Commission headquarters in Beaulieu, Brussels.

Each WP leader gave an update in addition to Coordinators, WIT, outlining the overall project objectives and progress to date. The reviewers were impressed with the ambition and potential impact of the work, and as they said, “…only asked questions because they were interested…” rather than trying to probe anyone too much.

We’ve since got our formal review report and have a plan of action to address the reviewers’ recommendations. These mostly concerned the reporting of resource use and the reporting of planned/upcoming tasks. We also need to move quicker onto implementing our machine learning work and have an evaluation session with stakeholders.

What’s next

As well as addressing the reviewers’ recommendations, there’s also a number of deliverables due in the next while. The one getting most attention at the moment is D3.2, which is an Engineering Release of the machine learning work in WP3.

Stay tuned…


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