CogNet: From the Inside Out

Latest news

The last few months have been hectic around here and so it’s only now we’re getting round to updating our blog.

There’s been face-to-face meetings in Israel and Ireland, and planning has already started for the next one in Spain (to be held in Madrid at TID’s offices). We’ve also addressed the reviewers’ comments from the M12 review and a new template for our quarterly management reports is in place.

Various deliverables have been submitted.  And conferences/events attended.

The 5G-PPP Working Group we Chair (on Network Management) has successfully tendered for a workshop slot at the EuCNC event in June. Then, there’s the article we wrote for the upcoming edition of Eurescom’s magazine on 5G network management. Plus, there’s a book chapter in train which will be part of the ‘European Vision Book for 5G Networks’.

Oh, and we had a change of personnel within the coordinator WIT!

What’s next

As if the above wasn’t enough to be getting on with, the spectre of our M24 mid-term review is now on the horizon. This will be done virtually, with partners dialling in to Brussels from the face-to-face meeting in Madrid. The agenda for the review will be technical and we’ll be demonstrating the progress made over the past 12 months.

Stay tuned…


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