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From the Inside Out: December, 2017

CogNet: From the Inside Out
Latest news – (…almost) Ready for the final Review
… The agenda is ready, the location is fixed, the paperwork is about to be completed, the demos as well, the only open point are the presentation for our final review… and hopefully they will be catching enough to let audience enjoy the […]

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Network Management workshop at EuCNC-2017

CogNet is part of the 5G-PPP Working Group on Network Management, Quality of Service and Network Security. The WG is Chaired by Michael Barros, from our coordinator, WIT.

Following on from the success of the first Network Management workshop held at EuCNC in Athens last year, we will now host a second workshop at the upcoming […]

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From the Inside Out: Quick round up

CogNet: From the Inside Out
Latest news
The last few months have been hectic around here and so it’s only now we’re getting round to updating our blog.

There’s been face-to-face meetings in Israel and Ireland, and planning has already started for the next one in Spain (to be held in Madrid at TID’s offices). We’ve also addressed […]

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CogNet @ 2nd Global 5G Event – “Enabling the 5G EcoSphere”

On November 9-10 2016 CogNet participated to the 2nd Global 5G Event in Rome. In our booth in the exhibition area we presented the CogNet architecture and demos.

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From the Inside Out: September, 2016

CogNet: From the Inside Out
Latest news
The only issue on the Agenda for September was our M12 review at Commission headquarters in Beaulieu, Brussels.

Each WP leader gave an update in addition to Coordinators, WIT, outlining the overall project objectives and progress to date. The reviewers were impressed with the ambition and potential impact of the work, […]

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From the Inside Out: August, 2016

CogNet: From the Inside Out
Latest news
While many people were on holiday in August, we continued to prepare for our M12 review in September. Demos, presentations, running-order, and various other fine details were ironed out.

The plan is to have a full dry run on the day before the review itself, and this will take place in […]

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From the Inside Out: July, 2016

CogNet: From the Inside Out
Latest news
July saw us meeting in Paris, kindly hosted by Orange, and preparations for our M12 review were ramped up along the way.

Since lots of people are on holidays this time of year, it’s just a short report for this month. Mostly, we’ve been continuing to prepare for our first review. […]

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From the Inside Out: June, 2016

CogNet: From the Inside Out
Latest news
To say June was busy is putting it mildly!

We had four deliverables to finish, review, and submit before 30-June (our M12). These included the initial designs from WP4 and WP5 on resource management, and security and resilience. We also had dissemination and exploitation reports to complete. And we can thankfully […]

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CogNet showcases work at EuCNC

The CogNet project had a very strong showing at the recent EuCNC event with no less than six partners presenting and showcasing various aspects of our work.

A number of partners had slots at the Network Management workshop, which took place on Monday morning, with Danny Raz from Technion University (and Nokia) delivering a keynote entitled […]

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From the Inside Out: May, 2016

CogNet: From the Inside Out
Latest news
May started with Coordinator Robert Mullins (TSSG) attending a 5G Architecture Working Group meeting in London. The Group’s white paper is progressing and they have recently received some additional input on the SDN / NFV side of things.

The week after we were all off to Berlin for our quarterly face-to-face […]

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